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  • End Time -

    Glyndwr, Tre'r Ddol, Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8QD

    Guide Price*:   £135000
  • End Time -

    24 Dominic Close, Childwall, Liverpool, L16 1JZ

    Guide Price*:   141,000

Property listing

Smart Property Sales takes care of everything for free, with no catches. This includes professional property listings on the market-leading portals, professional imagery, EPC, floor plans etc. We also gather expert advice from our network to advise a suitable reserve price for the property that you will be completely happy with meaning no surprises.


We take care of viewings and open days, we make sure your property is being exposed to the entire UK market through our marketing portal network. Smart Property Sales also has access to investor databases that are actively looking to register to bid on your property. These investors are notified pre-auction to maximise the best possible price for your property. Only bids entered through the online auction will be authorised and processed.

Buyer registration

Our registration process is second to none meaning only genuine buyers are bidding on your property. We take bidders through a thorough registration process that also assists us with anti-money laundering procedures. Full support is provided to bidders so they too have a smooth experience on our website.

The auction

Our bidding window is set to 24 hours. This means that bidders have a full day to bid on your property, unlike in the room auctions. Once bidders have registered with us, they can bid multiple times on our listings from a desktop, tablet or mobile device.


The Smart Property Sales property auction website is constantly being improved to give users the best possible experience. We aim to maximise the sale price for all our vendors. The technology works similar to that of eBay, but as the scheduled end time approaches, if there is a bid within the last 60 seconds the auction is extended by 60 seconds and if another bid is placed it is again extended and will continue to do so until there has been 60 seconds without a bid. At that point if the highest bid is at or above reserve the property is sold. This method prevents snipping and ensures the maximum possible price is achieved.

The highest bidder

On the fall of the electronic gavel, the winning bidder is determined by the highest bid. Depending on if the property has been listed under our conditional or unconditional terms and conditions will also determine when the buyer’s premium is paid.

Customer service

Even though we're an online business, the Smart Property Sales support team are on hand to assist with enquires from buyers and sellers from start to finish on any of our property listings.

Walk away

In the event of the reserve not being met or exceeded, the vendor can simply walk away with absolutely no obligation to sell. Vendors can request for the highest bidder to purchase the property even after the auction ends if the vendor sees the bid as acceptable. We also have a 'buy it now' option that makes the model more appealing with the chance of the property being purchased and ending the auction instantly.